Air pollution book report

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air pollution book report

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China's industrial pollution is so bad that it's dumping toxic mercury on Japan's mount Fuji 10/23/2013 - china and India combined have more coal-burning energy plants than the rest of the world, and China has more than India. Japanese scientists are openly complaining that the almost 13,000 foot. Fuji is coated with toxic mercury from China's coal burning plants. Some Chinese scientists have challenged. Vitamin C lowers the harmful effects of air pollution, study finds 8/28/2013 - vitamin c is one of the most important antioxidants on Earth, and its ability to aid tissue growth and repair is well-known. However, British researchers at the Imperial College of London have found another good reason to eat more oranges and lemons - vitamin C can also guard us against the negative. Wave of protests sweeps UK: Resistance to fracking plans heats up as pollution concerns grow 8/20/2013 - anger is erupting in once sleepy villages, and ordinary people are coming together from all over the uk with the dawning realisation that their green and pleasant land. A green mp was one of dozens.

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Environmental factors that increase asthma risk and symptoms: studies 3/18/2014 - a few studies published in 2013 have revealed various environmental factors which increase asthma risk as well as elevate the severity of its symptoms. These included exposure to traffic pollution, wood smoke, cleaning chemicals, as well as other materials at the workplace. China's heavy metals pollution falls. Soil 3/14/2014 - air pollution from China's coal-fired power plants regularly crosses the pacific Ocean to contaminate the air, soil and water of the United States, studies have shown. Appropriately, a significant proportion of this pollution is generated by industries that produce products for export to the west. Beijing air pollution now 800 higher than who limits 2/26/2014 - china continues to sing the environmental blues, with air pollution levels in the capital city of beijing gost now so high that they exceed the world health Organization's (WHO) recommended safety level by nearly eight-fold. Bloomberg reports that recent air samples taken by beijing's Municipal Environmental. Beijing air pollution reaches crisis levels; can China survive its toxic environment? 1/28/2014 - china is the world's worst industrial polluter, spewing synopsis tons of toxins derived from man-made production into the air, soil and water at a steady rate. It has refused to comply with the same standards adopted by other leading nations of the world. And the level of pollutants is starting to catch.

Of course, air pollution exists to lesser degrees here too. Devastating water pollution now rampant across China 4/15/2014 8:12:00 pm - the growth of the Chinese economy, while slipping a bit in the first quarter of 2014, is still quadruple that of the United States, as the Asian giant continues its industrial rise. But China's dramatic growth in production has come at a cost: Its major cities are choked with fumes and exhaust, soil. Mercury pollution linked to 283 increased risk of autism in children; flu shots still contain mercury 4/9/2014 - heavy metal poisoning appears to be a primary driver of autism, according to a new study published in the journal plos computational biology. Researchers from the University of Chicago found that environmental pollution, and particularly mercury and mercury-containing compounds, may be responsible for. Air pollution causes developmental problems in infants, kills 7 million annually 4/4/2014 - in the quest for energy and increased production, mankind has sabotaged surgery himself, destroying the very air he breathes. Nature's clean, sustainable, free energy sources have been bypassed, as industry empires rise up, shooting pollution from their stacks and skyscraper pipes. Air quality is often taken.

air pollution book report

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Noise pollution linked to increased heart rate and heart attack risk 5/9/2014 - when it comes to optimal health, eating fresh, organic foods and staying mentally and physically active is essential. However, according to studies conducted by the world health Organization (WHO) and the european Commission's joint Research Centre, silence is also the key to good health. Babies in industry polluted China at greater risk of preterm birth and defects 5/6/2014 - as China continues to industrialize its way out of oppressive communism, the nation's children and babies are paying the price with their health. A new study out of the University of south Carolina has found that pollution in developing countries like china and India is becoming so severe that many. Anti-pollution protest in China turns bloody 4/19/2014 - a series of photographs published recently on the Chinese Twitter-like microblog service weibo has shown scores of demonstrators marching along streets, an overturned car ablaze and protesters lying bloodied along the road, while still others showed resume paramilitary. Pollution so bad in China that residents flock to to inhale mountain air from bags 4/18/2014 - air pollution is not just unsightly or inconvenient; it can be lethal. As a matter of fact, the who (World health Organization) has reported that 7 million deaths are attributed to air pollution annually, with 40 of those coming from China.

Aliens may have already polluted the universe, say scientists 8/1/2014 - a new space telescope scheduled to launch in 2018 may be able to look for signs of pollution caused by advanced alien civilizations, according to a paper by researchers from the harvard-Smithsonian Center for. Looking for evidence of pollution may. Air pollution violations from Chinese factories made public in new app 7/5/2014 - a new smart phone app was recently developed to enable anyone to not only view complete air quality readings but directly determine air pollution culprits. Surprisingly, it was developed in China for Chinese citizens. And it doesn't target cars and wood- or coal-burning chimneys; it targets industrial. Antibiotics found at high concentrations in China's lakes and rivers 5/27/2014 - cities in China are quickly becoming toxic waste sites, emitting so much pollution now that people have to walk around with filters over their face. Even the bright blue skies above these highly polluted cities can't disperse the smog. One man has even proposed selling jarred French mountain air.

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air pollution book report

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The problematic situation has been looked into; however, slow-moving. Air pollution makes beijing nearly 'uninhabitable for human beings' according to study 12/20/2014 - after many days without rain in densely populated places like los Angeles and New York city, it is sometimes possible to catch a small glimpse of what is an eye everyday reality. Olive oil protects heart from air pollution, lowers blood pressure 11/16/2014 - the mediterranean diet has received plenty of praise in recent years for its role in protecting against disease. And two new studies provide further clarity as to why this is the case, having found that the olive oil component of the popular diet helps to not only protect against the damaging effects. Living next to roads increases air pollution exposure, can lead to sudden cardiac death in women - women who live near major roads are significantly more likely to die from sudden cardiac death, according to a study conducted by researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital. The study was funded by the national Institutes of health.

Agrochemical pollution is causing massive tumors in sea turtles 10/29/2014 - runoff from urban and agricultural pollution in Hawaii appears to be causing tumors that are the main cause of death for endangered green sea turtles, according to a study conducted by researchers from duke. Riding in a car can expose you to 15x as much air pollution as walking on the street 9/24/2014 - next time you feel like hailing a cab, you might want to stop and consider the results of a recent study before deciding whether. It turns out that riding through the city in a car exposes you to air pollution levels 15 times greater than walking or riding. Trees save how many lives a year in the United States? 8/2/2014 - trees are naturally helping to save hundreds of lives per year. In fact, in the first broad-scale approximation of its kind, researchers have estimated that trees save over 850 lives per year. Not only that, but they also can help reduce and prevent more than 670,000 cases of severe respiratory symptoms.

As millions flock to densely populated regions seeking employment and hoping for a better quality of life. As urban life continues to grow more popular (especially in the new York metropolitan area so does the risk of developing various diseases. Air pollution linked to anxiety symptoms covered up by mind-damaging psych drugs 4/29/2015 - that toxic, smoggy air can harm physical health is nothing new or surprising. It has repeatedly been linked to chronic inflammation and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. New studies, however, suggest that air pollution negatively impacts not only our physical health but mental. China's industrial pollution now creating "second-hand smog" in California 4/1/2015 11:19:50 am - many people in the United States lament that everything comes from China and now according to a paper released last week, so does a portion of the western United States air pollution.

Heavy emissions from industrial China is blown across the pacific Ocean and ends up in California and neighboring states. Brain smog: Traffic pollution reduces children's ability to learn in school 3/27/2015 - living or working in a high-traffic environment does more than make people want to plug their ears or noses; aside from loud highway or airport sounds or the smells of fumes, another. Sadly, the problem is a concern for school-age children who may find that traffic-related. Plastic microfiber pollution threatens Great lakes environment 3/9/2015 - abandoning the use of plastic in clothing, as well as a number of other consumer products, may be the key to reducing environmental pollution caused by microscopic bits of plastic, according to a report by the. Similar to the way plastic waste is polluting our oceans, tiny microscopic. Beijing's mayor declares city to be unlivable due to life-choking smog 2/18/2015 - what may appear to foreigners as a city swathed in fog on a cold rainy day is really a chinese city smothered in smog, a type of air pollution so dangerous that. Over recent years, China's air pollution has grown increasingly. Manmade wetlands can help reduce agricultural fertilizer pollution by up to 50 1/11/2015 - while nitrates are expected in agricultural farming - anywhere pesticides and fertilizers are used, they are absorbed into the roots of the foods being grown - excessive amounts of them can.

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Air pollution is so bad in China, it's turning womens' facial skin black 2/19/2016 - it's a well-known fact that air pollution is a major problem in China millions of Chinese citizens die each year from pollution-related health problems but bill respiratory ailments are not the. A recent report revealed that air pollution. Air pollution from fracking wells linked to low birth weights in newborns 8/20/2015 - as if fracking, or unconventional gas drilling (ugd is not already steeped in environmental and economic controversy, another problem has developed that points to its detrimental consequences. Sadly, it directly impacts people who are helpless and voiceless in the matter; innocent babies born in fracking. The medical link between emf pollution and 'unexplainable' chronic disease symptoms 7/3/2015 - the health danger of 'electrical pollution' is grossly misunderstood by western medicine. But, for those suffering with the ill effects of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure this is no laughing matter. If you're suffering with chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, autoimmune disorders. Industrial heavy metal pollution is contaminating earthworms, threatening entire ecosystems 6/18/2015 - earthworms in New England forests are absorbing heavy metal pollution, thereby poisoning the animals that feed on them, according to a study conducted by researchers from Dartmouth College and the University of Vermont. Why cities make people stupid: Air pollution significantly reduces children's iq, study finds 5/31/2015 - metropolitan cities continue to swell across the.

air pollution book report

Researchers already believe that it leaves American rivers tainted with a toxic cocktail of radium and lead, but this latest study published in the. This futuristic air pollution solution can transform smog into jewelry, cufflinks 5/10/2016 - a fantastic new invention by dutch engineers might hold the key to reducing air pollution, as reported. Dan roosegaarde is essay a dutch designer who has been working on "The Smog Free project" which is an attempt at reducing air pollution by building the world's largest smog vacuum. Did you know that indoor air pollution can be extremely dangerous to your health? 2/23/2016 - as we become conscious of our health decisions, we often focus solely on what we are putting in our bodies. The connection between what we eat and drink and how it affects our health has long been established. As the father of medicine hippocrates once said, "Let food be your medicine, and medicine.

stranded animals, thirteen were found on a beach near the town of toenning in Schleswig-Holstein, germany. An autopsy of these thirteen whales left scientists deeply disturbed. Mercury pollution contaminates maine's lucrative lobster industry 7/1/2016 - the maine department of Marine resources has nearly doubled the size of an area closed to lobster and crab fishing after tests revealed high levels of mercury in lobsters caught outside the former closure area. "we are adding this very small, targeted area to the closure so consumers can continue. Why living near a landfill can give you lung cancer 6/4/2016 - living within 3 miles of a landfill significantly increases the risk of developing lung cancer and other serious lung diseases, according to a recent study. A team of researchers in Italy conducted the study, which involved nearly 250,000 subjects living within 3 miles of landfills, whose health. Air pollution from fracking increases the risk of lung and heart disease in children 5/30/2016 - the controversial practice of fracking has now been proven to increase the risk of lung and heart disease in children, as reported by Truth Out.

One must ask which is more important: convenience or sustainability? Ethanol raises ozone pollution more than petroleum 10/8/2016 - while some regard ethanol as a cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly biofuel than gasoline, critics say its effect is as bad or even worse for nature than regular oil, as concluded in a report. New research regarding the so-called eco-friendly fuel came as a surprise. Who: 92 of bill the global population is breathing polluted air 10/3/2016 - the world health Organization has released a new report that indicates that some 92 percent of the world's population is living in an area where air pollution exceeds the who's limits. This means that the majority of people reside in a place where just breathing the air can make you sick and increase. Un using pollution fears to mask its agenda of power and corruption 9/3/2016 - the new executive director of the un environment Program (unep erik solheim, recently laid out key issues that are currently facing the international community. One of these issues includes the pollution crisis, which is having disastrous effects worldwide.

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Deep breathing of polluted air puts city bike riders at higher risk of lung cancer and strokes 11/8/2016 - it doesn't seem to make much sense, telling bicyclists not to pedal as quickly because it's not healthy for them. Peddling more quickly, you might think, would lead to better conditioning right? Perhaps, but according to new research, that isn't the point, per. Thank air pollution for. Unicef: Air pollution kills 600,000 children yearly, threatens 2 billion 11/3/2016 - dirty air, mostly from the world's developing economies, is killing hundreds of thousands of children every year while putting hundreds of millions more at risk, a recently released report by unicef discovered. Npr is reporting that the unicef document is based, in large part, on data gathered via. Big Pharma's pharmaceutical waste and pollution destroying the environment 10/19/2016 - while it's true that Americans have been afforded the luxury of living in a modern day friendship world, our natural resources, the fundamentals upon which human life began, continue to be destroyed and depleted.

air pollution book report
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