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The native americans, metis, Inuit, and Hawaiians all face similar problems for their languages and cultures, but they consider themselves distinct peoples. Q : What were native american cultures like in the past? What are they like now? A : There are hundreds of indigenous American cultures, from California to maine, from the yukon to Argentina. These cultures can be as different from each other as Chinese culture is from French. If you want to learn about Native american culture, the best idea is to pick a specific Native american tribe to learn about. Then, if you are very interested, you can learn about a second tribe and compare their societies and traditions.

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It's better to avoid using "Red Indian for two reasons : first, this name originally referred to a specific tribe, the beothuks, who painted their bodies and faces with red ochre. So it may cause confusion if you use it to refer to all Native americans. Second, the term "Red Indians" has been used by racists in the United States, so using it may hurt somebody's feelings or give them the wrong impression. Please do not call native people "savages "primitives" or "redskins." Those are always rude words. Q : Are Inuit/Eskimos restaurant Native american? Like the native americans, these three groups are indigenous peoples of Canada and the United States. However, they have unique histories and cultures and consider themselves distinct from Native americans. The Inuit are polar people who live in the far north of Canada, alaska, and Greenland. (The word "Eskimo" is considered rude by many Inuit.) The hawaiians are polynesian people who are considered indigenous Americans for political reasons (the hawaiian islands are very far from the north American mainland, but were annexed by the United States). The metis are mixed-race people whose ancestors features were primarily Cree indians and French Canadians. They have developed a unique culture from these two influences.

Which one should i use? A : "American Indians qualitative "Native americans and "First Nations people" are synonyms. They all refer to the same people. "Indigenous people" is a broader term that refers to any culture that lived in a place first. So native americans are all indigenous people, but not all indigenous people are native americans. For example, native african cultures are also indigenous. Most indigenous people in the us use "American Indian and most indigenous people in Canada use "First Nations." "Native americans" or "indigenous Americans" are frequently used to refer to people in both countries. Some native people have a preference for one term or the other, but none of them are offensive. Most Native americans identify themselves primarily by their tribe (such as Cherokee) anyway.

i don t do homework

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Can you help me find a good Native american arts and crafts project for my class? I'm supposed to do my homework about Native american religion but I can't find anything but ads? How did Native americans get to the Americas? Did viking explorers meet the native americans before columbus did? Where do native americans live today? Aren't there native americans in Central and south America, too? Why don't Native americans like sports teams with Indian mascots? What tribes are you from? Q : What is the difference between "American Indian "Native american "First Nations and "indigenous people"?

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i don t do homework

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What was Native american areas culture like in the past? What is it like now? What did Native americans look like in the past? What were their clothes and hairstyles like? What were native american houses like? How many native americans are there today? How many native american languages are there, and how many people speak them?

What does it mean when you say native american languages are endangered? Is there anything I can do to help preserve native american languages? Will you help me write a report about Native americans? Can you translate something into a native american language for me? Can you help me find a good book about Native americans?

See whats for lunch at your school: wait! My school doesnt have a smart Lunches program! Hello, and welcome to native languages of the Americas! We are a non-profit organization working to preserve and promote American Indian languages, particularly through the use of Internet technology. Because of our website's mission, most of the information we provide is about individual tribes.

There are many different Indian tribes and nations, and they all have unique cultures and traditions. On this page we have provided the answers to questions about Native americans in general that we are frequently asked by younger readers. If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please contact us with it and we may add the answer to this page! Sponsored Links, frequently Asked questions about American Indians. What is the difference between "American Indian "Native american "First Nations and "indigenous people"?Which one should i use? Are Inuit/Eskimos Native american? What about the metis?

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Our aisles are also wider for equipment to come in and out for harvesting. Good Harvest also updated its computer controls for heating, fertilizer applications, and water proposal treatment. . Powell points out that one of the biggest changes he noticed when transitioning from ornamentals to lettuce was nutrition. Ornamentals certainly need a correct nutrient feed, but when youre growing lettuce, your flavor, appearance, days to harvest, nutrition and water quality all have to be dialed in perfectly, powell says. At this point, good Harvest has no immediate plans for future expansion. Were always looking two or three years ahead, but right now we dont see many changes on the horizon, mainly because were satisfied with our production and what we do now is profitable and works great, powell says. If we see a shortage in other crops, we might look in that direction, but we want to make sure we do it right. Nourishing your Kids Made, easy, kid-favorite lunches prepared fresh each day by professional local caterers and delivered directly to your child at school.

i don t do homework

I would highly recommend that if you are new to hydroponic lettuce, to study it and make sure the water you are using is okay to grow with, he says. In addition, even though good Harvest is small enough to fall underneath most of the new food safety standards and guidelines, powell says the business is proactive in following many of the same rules. Since we sell direct, it makes sense for our customers, he says. For those looking to jump into greenhouse lettuce and veggie business production, powell says his top suggestion is to make sure you have a market before you invest. Weve seen some farmers in our area grow basil in greenhouses, and even though they did it well, they didnt have a market for it and had to finally quit because it wasnt profitable for them, powell says. Hydroponic lettuce isnt cheap to grow, and you need to find customers who realize the lettuce is homegrown and local, so it should be worth more than paying for something shipped to a grocery store. In other words, theres a perceived value that you need to be willing to emphasize. . Once youve identified the market, powell says the next step is to look for ways to improve efficiencies in energy and labor. We designed the greenhouse with rolling benches, and our gutters were designed to be able to take in and out for harvesting, powell says.

our garden center during the summer, and lettuce and herbs were a great way to make this happen. Know your Market Before making The jump. One of the biggest things Powell says he learned in expanding good Harvests lettuce production is that quality matters greatly. Because of that, powell investigated closely what he needed to do before jumping. We talked to a lot of people both here in the. And in New zealand and Australia, where theyd been doing it for years and have gotten the bumps out of it, powell says. We learned a lot from other peoples mistakes. Powell also learned the importance of water quality.

Veggies Helped Fill Many needs, today, about 90 of good Harvests hydroponic production is in lettuce, along with some herbs and other greens. There was almost no one doing lettuce at the time we started, so thats where we turned first, powell says. Fifteen years later, lettuce and greens have become profitable for the business, even when quality isnt as high as Powell would like. We make a few spring mixes with our second-quality heads, where the freshness is there, but it might be misshapen or smaller, he says. Because of that, there is almost zero waste. Powell cites other benefits as well, such as low inputs for growing, and a high return at the market. Hydroponic tomatoes and peppers were an option, but Powell says that aside from good Harvests high tunnel production of these crops, it was in its best resume interest to leave it to other neighboring farmers. We didnt think we could do it better or cheaper, and our philosophy is if theres a product we cant get good quality on, well let others handle. The other benefit from turning to greenhouse-grown lettuce is that it helps good Harvest fill a summer window that Powell felt was lacking.

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Increased customer demand led good loyalty Harvest Farms to add hydroponic lettuce in 2000. Photo credit: Nexus Corp. Good Harvest Farms in Strasburg, pa, has been growing both ornamentals and veggies since it first opened in 1990. But according to owner Chris Powell, it wasnt until it added hydroponic lettuces and herbs in 2000, and began selling at a local farmers market, that the veggie side of the business really took off. It was all about demand, powell says. We started going to a farmers market outside of Philadelphia year-round for three days a week. Whenever we had our own homegrown lettuces and herbs, we noticed that we sold a lot more than when we were selling what was shipped in from another location. Advertisement, powell recalls one december when there was a huge demand for lettuce during the holidays, and the operation wasnt able to produce enough. That was when we decided to make a huge investment in hydroponics to take care of our customers, he says.

i don t do homework
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  4. Hello, and welcome to native languages of the Americas! We are a non-profit organization working to preserve and promote American Indian languages, particularly through the use of Internet technology.

  5. Its a common misconception that the only people who ask: do my homework for money are lazy students who dont want to make effort and prefer to simply enjoy being a student instead of doing actual studies. Powell recalls one december when there was a huge demand for lettuce during the holidays, and the operation wasnt able to produce enough. For busy families, Smart Lunches online ordering and meal service brings fun, nutritious, high-quality school lunches to kids. Follow these simple steps to find online resources for your book.

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