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He had led small groups within his big band during the 40's, this was a logical choice with the growing popularity of be-bop. The gene Krupa Trio was one of the first acts recruited by norman Granz for his "jazz at The Philharmonic" concerts(due to contractual reasons, gene was first billed as "The Chicago Flash. The jatp dates introduced the famous "Drum Battles" with Buddy rich in October of 1952 and the subsequent studio recordings on the Lp "Krupa and Rich" in 1955. Some of the greatest jazz recordings of all time were the result of the "All-Star" jams at jatp. The alumni of these dates included Lester young, dizzy gillespie, charlie shavers, ray brown, lionel Hampton, buddy rich and of course, gene. Along with cozy cole, gene formed the Krupa-cole Drum School in March of 1954. He also began studying tympani with the new York Philharmonic's saul goodman(1951).

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Gene was sentenced to 90 days, of which 84 were served. He was later cleared of the latter charges. During this time, roy eldridge led Gene's band and moms eventually had to break up the group. After Gene got out of jail, he briefly joined up with Benny goodman and Tommy dorsey before re-forming his own band. Krupa's groups of the early 1940's were often criticized as being too commercial but. Gene's big band was one of the first in the mid-forties to introduce bop arrangements with the help of Gerry mulligan and the playing of trumpeter Red Rodney. Gene managed to keep the full band together until December of 1950, when most big bands had already fallen apart. He kept a smaller version of the big band together through 1951. Read a detailed accounting of Gene's. With Tommy dorsey in 1944 after his release from prison. After breaking up his big band, gene wasn't sure which direction to take.

His band was an instant success upon it's opening at the. Marine ballroom on the Steel pier in Atlantic City during April of 1938. His band went through several incarnations during it's existance and at one point even featured a string section with 30 to 40 members. During this time Krupa authored his proposal own book titled "The gene Krupa Drum Method 1938) and began an annual Drum Contest(1941). The contest attracted thousands of contestants each year and saw drum legend louie bellson as the first year's winner. Gene appeared in several motion pictures including "Some like it Hot" "Beat the band becoming a sort of matinee idol. His noted likeness to tyrone power and musical fame was a magical combination in the eyes of Hollywood. In the summer of 1943, Krupa was arrested in San Francisco in a bogus drug bust. He was charged with possession of marijuana and contributing to the deliquency of a minor.

biography setup

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The Trio is possibly the first working small group which featured black and white musicians. On January 16, 1938, the band was the first "jazz" act to play new. Gene's classic performance on "Sing Sing Sing" has been heralded as the first extended drum solo in jazz. After the carnegie hall performance, tension began to surface between Gene and Benny. Audiences were demanding that Gene be featured in every number and Benny didn't want to lose the spotlight to a sideman. At Carnegie hall with John Kirby, 1942. Gene departed on March 3, 1938 and less than 2 months resume later formed his own orchestra.

After "Strike up the band" completed in January 1930, hoagy carmichael gathered several great musicians together for many historical sessions. Gene played on some legendary "jazz" recordings with Bix beiderbecke, adrian Rollini and joe venuti. Krupa played in one more pit band with Red Nichols for Gershwin's "Girl Crazy." he then joined Russ Columbo's band in which indirectly led to his joining Benny goodman's group. Benny goodman urged Gene to join his band with the promise that it would be a real jazz band. After joining, benny soon became discouraged with the idea of having a successful jazz group. The band was relegated to playing dance music and Benny was considering packing. Upon the band's engagement at the palomar, benny decided to go for broke and play their own arrangements. The audience went wild and the band took off. The goodman group featured Gene prominently in the full orchestra and with the groundbreaking goodman Trio and quartet.

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biography setup

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This arrangement made it nearly impossible for dream stick playing. Gene's first recording session was a historical one. It occured in December of 1927 when he is noted to be the first drummer to record with a bass drum. Krupa, along with rest of the McKenzie-condon. Chicagoans were scheduled to record at okeh Records in Chicago. Okeh's Tommy rockwell was apprehensive to record Gene's drums but smoking gave.

Rockwell said "All right, but I'm afraid the bass drum and those tom-toms will knock the needle off the wax and into the street.". With goodman and Hampton at Carnegie hall 1938. Gene moved to new York in 1929 and was recruited by red Nichols. He, along with Benny goodman and Glenn Miller, performed in the pit band of the new george gershwin play "Strike up the band." Gene had never learned to read music and "faked" his parts during rehearsals. Glenn Miller assisted him by humming the drum parts until Gene got them down.

The drummer who probably had the greatest influence on Gene in this period was the great Baby dodds. Dodds' use of press rolls was highly reflected in Gene's playing, especially during his tenure with Benny goodman. Benny and Gene in 1937. Gene has often been considered to be the first drum "soloist." Drummers usually had been strictly time-keepers or noisemakers, but Krupa interacted with the other musicians and introduced the extended drum solo into jazz. His goal was to support the other musicians while creating his own role within the group. Gene is also considered the father of the modern drumset since he convinced.

Slingerland Drums, to make tuneable tom-toms. Tom-toms up to that point had "tacked" heads, which left little ability to change the sound. The new drum design was introduced in 1936 and was termed "Seperate tension Tunable tom-Toms. gene was a loyal endorser of Slingerland Drums from 1936 until his death. Krupa was called on by avedis. Zildjian to help with developing the modern hi-hat cymbals. The original hi-hat was called a "low-boy" which was a floor level cymbal setup which was played with the foot.

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Upon entering high school in 1923, gene became buddies with the "Austin High Gang which included many musicians nashville which would be on Gene's first recording session; Jimmy McPartland, jimmy lannigan, bud Freeman and Frank teschemacher. In 1925, gene began his percussion studies with roy knapp, Al Silverman ed Straight. Under advice from others, he decided to join the musicians union. "The guy said, 'make a roll. Give us 50 bucks. Krupa started his first "legit" playing with joe kayser, Thelma terry and the benson Orchestra among other commercial bands. A popular hangout for musicians was "The Three deuces." All of the guys playing in mickey mouse bands would gravitate here afterhours and jam till early in the morning. Gene was able to hone and develop his style playing with other jazz players such as mezz mezzrow, tommy dorsey, bix beiderbecke and Benny goodman in these local dives. Krupa's big influences during this time were tubby hall and Zutty singleton.

biography setup

The cheapest item was the drums, 16 beans, i think, for a set of Japanese drums; a great high, wide bass drum, with a brass cymbal on it, a wood block and a snare drum.". At age 7(in sidecar) with brother Julius. His parents were very religious and had groomed Gene for the priesthood. He spent his grammar school days at various parochial schools and upon graduation went. Joseph's College for a brief year. Gene's drive to drum was too strong and he gave up the idea of becoming a priest. In 1921, while still in grammar school, gene joined his first band "The Frivolians." he obtained the drumming seat as a fluke assignment when the regular drummer was sick. The band played during summers in Madison, wisconsin.

illinois on January 15, 1909 and was the the youngest of Bartley and Ann Krupa's nine children. His father died when Gene was very young and his mother worked as a milliner to support the family. All of the children had to start working while young, gene at age eleven. His brother Pete worked at "Brown Music Company and got Gene a job as chore boy. Gene started out playing sax in grade school but took up drums at age 11 since they were the cheapest item in the music store where he and his brother worked. "I used to look in their wholesale catalog for a musical instrument - piano, trombone, cornet - i didn't care what it was as long as it was an instrument.

Copyright Breathe Internet Limited 2014. Cannonball Sax Setup, the mouthpiece, monthpiece used during the early years ( savoy recording mouthpiece used in riverside, capitol years. Miles sextet (1958/70 cannonball played. Meyer brand mouthpiece 5 Medium Chamber) ( on the right, a meyer with Ring on it). On last years recording(1970/75), the right mouthpiece with Ring disappear, and Julian played a meyer look like the left Picture (thanks to Mr Jim Snidero for his help ). Visit, jim snidero, website, the reeds, he used la voz medium or Rico 2 reeds fruit (thanks to Mr Vincent Herring for this tip). Visit, vincent herring, website and vibrator reeds (see advertisement from Down beat, 60' era). The Alto sax, cannonball and his king super.

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biography setup
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  5. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Andrew. Gene Krupa was born in Chicago, illinois on January 15, 1909 and was the the youngest of Bartley and Ann Krupa's nine children. His father died when Gene was very young and his mother worked as a milliner to support the family. Cannonball adderley sax set, showing his king super.

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