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the stranger summary

The Stranger—a summary

Inability to ever feel regret about anything. Meursault doesnt believe in God. How society views meursault,. Behavior at the funeral is repugnant to many. Starts affair with Marie the day after the funeral. Meursault enjoys himself, even though his mother has just died.

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Meursaults activities the pdf day after his mothers funeral. Swims with Marie. Goes out on a date and begins an affair with Marie. Friendship with raymond and agreement to write the letter. Meursault never questions morality of writing such a letter. Societys view of a man like raymond and meursaults association with him. Murder of the Arab and reasons for pulling the trigger. Meursault shoots once, then fires four more times. Meursaults bizarre explanation about the sun. No apparent remorse for crime.

Meursaults attitude and behavior,. At his mothers vigil and the funeral. Meursault remains unemotional short and detached. Doesnt want to see his mothers body. Drinks coffee and chats during the vigil. Offers no expression of comfort, or grief to his mothers close friend, Thomas Perez. Doesnt cry at the funeral. Relationship with Marie after the funeral. Maries reaction to meursault when she learns about his mother.

the stranger summary

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When the chaplain states that his attitude is the result of extreme despair, meursault replies that he is afraid, not desperate. The chaplain insists that all the condemned men he has known have eventually turned to god for comfort. Meursault becomes increasingly irritated by the chaplains insistence that he spend the rest of his short life on God. In the course of his outburst, meursault grips the chaplain. Meursault has finally shed any spark of hope. His only hope is that there will be a crowd of angry spectators at his execution so that he will feel less alone. Topic #1, illustrate how meursaults indifferent attitude and moral ambiguity is fundamentally at odds with societys expectations of how a person should think and behave. Thesis Statement: In The Stranger, society views meursault as a cold-hearted killer and a moral blank. It categorizes him as dangerous and evil because meursault refuses to conform to societys accepted standards of behavior.

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the stranger summary

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In his closing argument, the prosecutor cites meursault? S obvious intelligence and his lack of remorse as evidence of premeditated murder. Therefore, he calls for the death penalty. Meursault denies that he intended to kill the Arab when he went back to the beach. Meursault is found guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced to death by guillotine.

After his trial, meursault only cares about escaping the machinery of justice. The newspapers characterize the situation of a condemned man in terms of a debt owed to society. When vision he considers his appeal, meursault always assumes the worst first. Only after considering that everyone dies eventually does he allow himself to consider the possibility of a pardon. The chaplain asks meursault why he has refused to see him. Meursault states again that he does not believe in God.

S court-appointed lawyer informs him that the investigators checking into meursaults private life have learned that meursault was insensitive at Madame meursault? Meursault explains that he probably did love his mother, but it didnt matter. The lawyer is clearly uncomfortable with meursaults response. During the course of the eleven-month investigation that ensues, the magistrate takes to calling meursault Monsieur Antichrist with an almost cordial air. Meursaults desire to go swimming, to smoke cigarettes, and to have sex torments him in jail.

Meursaults trial finally begins the following summer. Meursault is surprised to find the courtroom packed with people. The press has given his case a great deal of publicity because the summer is a slow season for news. The judge asks meursault why he put his mother in a home. Meursault explains that he didnt have enough money to care for her. The director of the home confirms that Madame meursault complained about meursaults decision to put her in the home. Celeste testifies that meursault was his friend. He thinks it was just bad luck that led to meursaults killing of the Arab. The prosecutor states that it cant just be chance that meursault wrote the letter to raymonds mistress, testified on raymonds behalf at the police station, and went to the beach the day of the crime.

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Meursault notes that the last two hours have stood still. Knowing that he could just turn and leave he cannot help but move forward. The pain of the sun and heat and salt leaves him dazed and unable to breath or think clearly. The trigger gives and he realizes he has shattered the day report and happiness. He has shot the Arab. He fires four more times. Essay, research Paper, meursault?

the stranger summary

Meursault has to explain to the women but does not like to so says very little. Raymond heads back down the beach later and meursault follows him although he wants to be alone. They find the two Arabs again lying on the beach. Raymond wants to shoot but meursault talks him into giving him the gun which he will shoot for raymond if the knife is drawn again. The review Arabs back away at the last minute and meursault and raymond walk back. Not wanting to enter the bungalow meursault goes back to the beach. He sees raymonds Arab again though he did not intend to search him out. The two watch each other hardly moving.

had testified that raymonds girl had been cheating on him and raymond got off with a warning. Meursault falls asleep until right before lunch. Meursault devours his lunch and then takes a walk with the other men. They walk along until they see two Arabs on the beach one being raymonds man. They approach and raymond and Masson fight with them. Raymond is cut with a knife and he and Masson go to bandage it before returning to the house.

Meursaults narration skips ahead a week but fills us quickly in on the details. A fight breaks out in raymonds room between him and his girlfriend. The woman screams in such a way that the whole building goes out to see the fight. Later in the day meursault short is visited by raymond who tells him how his plan had gone along as expected until she slapped him and then he had beaten her. Raymond calls meursault at his office which annoys meursault because his boss does not like them to receive personal calls. Raymond tells him that they are invited to a beach house of a friend of his and that he can bring Marie. Marie visits meursault after work and asks if he would like to marry her. He agrees if that is what she would like but still says it does not matter and he does not love her.

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Essay research Paper, mersault is notified by mail that his mother has died though he is not sure of the exact date. He notes that the entire funeral moved so fast and deliberately that he remembers nothing except a comment of the nurse and the image of Perez crying. Upon waking up from his 12 hour sleep meursault realizes that it is Saturday and that he will receive a total of four days off from work. He notices how the apartment was too big with Mama gone and so he has only kept up what is necessary for his daily life. Meursault returns to empire work and works hard. The boss is kind. He is relieved to find that Mama was about sixty when she died. On his way home from work meursault runs into his neighbor Salamano and his dog. The two have been inseparable for eight years and not only look alike but hate each other.

the stranger summary
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Part 1, Chapter 1: Summary and Analysis. In, the, stranger, meursault is initially put on trial for killing the Arab, but the trial becomes more and more.

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