Reflex a4 paper

Reflex, office, paper - now with Ink wise

reflex a4 paper

Reflex Ultra A4 Paper, white 500 Sheet 5 Pack

With 50mm.8 Iscolor lens. A nice Edixa, working well,  in vgc with good lens. Exc 39 photo ensign 14118 Ensign Carbine.7. For 6x9 on 120 film. With 105mm.5 Ross Xpres lens in Compur shutter. Signs of normal age / use.

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Momentary bearing lock plus transit lock. I realise this is out of my usual subject area but it is a lovely vintage item, and is excellent for a collector, or personality even to use! I've enjoyed owning it but it's time to pass it along. Not to be mistaken for the much more common WW1 types such as mk vii and mk viii, this is rarer and more desirable. Recent confirmed sale of an inferior example on ebay for 192. Price reduced exc 139 photo contax / yashica 14272 Contax / Yashica fit 28mm.8 Yashica ml lens. Excellent condition, with caps. Exc 7 Contax / Yashica metz sca 380 adaptor excellent condition exc 6 Contax 137md quartz, with 28mm.8 Sigma miniwide ii assignment lens. Good condition and working well. Exc 9 Edixa mat Kadett slr.

New seals and mirror baffle. Exc/ 3 Canon Ixus Z65 aps compact camera, with 24-65mm zoom lens. Near mint, cased, with instructions m- 8 Canon Motordrive ma plus aa battery pack ma (for writing A1, ae-1 etc) in excellent condition, working well exc/ 2 Canon Power Winder A (for A1, ae1 etc) in good condition, signs of normal use, working well. Boxed exc 0 Canon Power Winder A (for A1, ae-1 etc) in good condition, working well exc 7 Compass: Verner Pattern iii patent pocket compass,. In a hunter style brass case. Sight lines in lanyard ring and edge of front cover. Fully working and in very nice condition with excellent patina to the brass.

reflex a4 paper

Recycled A4 Copy paper Officeworks

Good condition, signs brief of normal use, clean clear optics, smooth focus, snappy iris. With caps and filter exc 1 Canon fd 70-210 f4 zoom lens. Super condition, clean and clear optics. Boxed with caps exc 7 Canon fl 200mm.5 lens. Lovely optics, smooth focus. Very good overall with signs of careful to normal use. With caps exc/ 7 Canon Ftb n ql, chrome, with 50mm.8 sc canon review Breech mount lens. A very good example, recently serviced and working very well. Lovely clean, clear screen.

Working well, including meter. Exc 29 photo canon fd 100-200mm.6 fd zoom lens. Very nice optics, signs of normal use. Exc 0 Canon fd 100-200mm.6. Excellent condition, near new looking. With clean clear optics, smooth zoom and focus. With caps and case m- 9 Canon fd 135mm.5 telephoto lens.

Reflex 50 Recycled Office, paper, australian Made

reflex a4 paper

Paper warehouse Stationery

Good clear screen and optics. With original instruction manual exc 9 Canon ef 100-400mm f4l usm lens. Super condition, signs of write light use, boxed. Hood has minor marks from use exc 62 Canon ef fit (Jessop Brand) Telescope adaptor. Fits eos mount lens to use them as a telescope. Vgc exc/ 1 Canon ef fit 24-70mm.8 Sigma dg df aspherical zoom lens.

Near mint condition and working perfectly, with clean clear optics. Boxed with case, caps, lens hood m- 16 Canon eos 650 body. Vgc and working well. Two in stock, price each. Exc/ 7 Canon ex auto slr (with interchangeable front-cell lens) 50mm.8 Canon ex lens. In good condition, signs of normal use.

For Sale very cheap; my lifetime accumulated back room over-stock of well over 2000 photography related books; Technique, camera reference, almanacs, guides, manuals, annuals, yearbooks, stock photo books, you name it, its here. . For sale as one job lot. There are some great books and some average books but in todays market some stuff in here are 20, 30, even 50 books individually, with literally hundreds of 2 and 5 and plenty of 10 retail value books. . Must sell in one single lot please, not looking to split at this time. Very good profit to be made but I sell cameras, not books and Ill never get around to it as Im already drowning in cameras. I cannot list the books individually, if you are interested please come and see.

Price is negotiable upon viewing books 2,00 Camera-lite model B subminiature camera / lighter. The size of a zippo, combines a working lighter and a working camera. Original model, in patterned chrome finish. Exc/ 699 photo 4 Canon ae-1 Program, chrome. With 28mm.8 tokina rmc lens. Good condition and working nicely.

Paper pulp ( Thailand), a4 copy

Fits between the camera body and the lens focus mount. Good condition with signs of normal use. With caps exc 7 Bronica etr / S / si polaroid film back. Very good condition, complete with dark slide exc 1 Bronica etrsi polaroid back. As new, really boxed m- 0 Butcher's.2 Maxim, a nice quality wooden box camera for 6x9 on 120. Excellent condition for a hundred year old box camera, well made and an interesting design. Exc 6 Camera Enthusiast or Collectors dream, or ideal business opportunity. .

reflex a4 paper

Rubber eye cups cut back. Excellent to keep in the car, etc. Exc 3 Binoculars Opticron 15x80.2 degree view rubber covered Porro Prism observation binoculars. Slight modification to fit a tripod mount making them more usable. Excellent condition and really nice to use exc 1 Braun Super Paxette, with fixed 45mm.8 pointar lens in Prontor svs shutter. Vgc, working nicely and an attractive camera exc 29 photo bronica 11938 Bronica ec / S2A undp etc (50mm lens for example) 87mm SY44 Y1 screw in filter. Near mint, cased with original box m- 1 Bronica ec / S2A etc fit set of extension tubes. Near mint and in original maker's box exc 5 Bronica ec / S2A etc fit vivitar mc 2X teleconverter.

camera holdalls, cases and bags for sale including top loaders, cases for digital and compact cameras, rucksacks etc. Lowe Pro, tamrac and similar. All at great prices to clear. Please call for more information. Photo 14360, binoculars Carl zeiss Jena notarem 8x32b multi coated. Cosmetically well used but optically really nice and very good to use.

Has a built in flash. Complete with dedicated flash reflector (lacks diffusor screen) exc. Photo 14350, agilux Agima, offer crf with interchangeable 45mm.8 lens. Vgc, working well, rangefinder slightly out vertically, with case exc 39, photo 14088, aka akarette, for 35mm. With interchangeable 50mm.5 Isco westar lens in Prontor S shutter. Nice condition, some tarnishing to the trim. Nice lens, working well, with case exc 29, photo 13622, antique brass sikes Hydrometer set.

Reflex Order - australia post

Price List 14238 r 4x5 Polaroid model 550 film holder (for 4x5 film). In excellent condition exc/m- 29, photo 13559 4x5 Sinar Binocular Reflex viewfinder, use on Monorail cameras to focus without a dark cloth. Good condition, signs of normal use. Exc 89, photo 10886 67mm close up set; four close up lenses,.'s 1,2,4 and. Srb make, like new condition, in original nylon wallet with velcro fastening m- 15, photo 14310, agfa solinette, folding 35mm camera. With 50mm.5 resume Apotar lens in Prontor sv shutter. Vgc, attractive and well made. With scruffy case exc 29, photo 14090, agi Agiflash, for 127 film. Art Deco styled camera.

reflex a4 paper
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