Issues for oral presentation

Topics for, oral, presentation

issues for oral presentation

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Mandatory csr activities starting under Companies Act. Despite relaxation of fdi in Retail why expected growth not taking place in India. What is the condition of Indian economy today and what should be the three steps to improve the situation? Has Apple lost its charm after Steve jobs? Should Mumbai bars be re-opened? Profit is the only motive of business.

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Challenges and Opportunities before the banking sector in India in the current scenario. Apple vs-Samsung (Innovation vs- marketing). British Vs American ceos. British Raj Is India better off or phone otherwise because of it? Online Insurance: Advantages and Disadvantages. Inflation- how to control it? Reasons for Res slide (International and National). Advances in technology in todays world boon or bane? Inflation cannot be disadvantages controlled. Role of organized Retail in rural India.

Is God real or myth? Daughters are more caring than sons. Gold is it an investment or bursting bubble? Social networking sites: with bane or boon? Is a corrupt efficient politician better than an honest inefficient politician? Depreciation of Indian Rupee has only negative impact on the economy. Is nota (Now of the above option in electoral choice) useful or not? Banning New year parties and fashion shows will save our culture.

issues for oral presentation

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Are tv reality shows really real? NarendraModi Vs Rahul Gandhi. How to create impact of hr in an organization? you are an hr manager of the company, what will you do to take the hr department to the next level? Advertisement is all about glitter and rarely about truth. The business of business is only business. To stay in one place, youve to run very fast.

Social Networking is killing the social life. Growth integrity are poles apart. Women empowerment leads to social development. One step model to revise the economy. Supreme courts verdict on novaratis case will it enhance Indias status on diminish? Social Network, boon or bone? fdi in retail good or bad for economy? ipl is it true to sports or is it pure business?

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issues for oral presentation

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Business ethics go hand in hand. Politics as a career option. Celebrity brand advertisement effects advertising agree or disagree? fdi in India visit good or Bad? Better pm candidate modi or Rahul Gandhi? fdi in retail.

fdi in multi-brand retail in good from Indian economy. bjp should cash in on NarendraModi for pm elections or not? fdi in Retail Advantage disadvantage. fdi in Retail good or Bad for India economy. International oil prices; subsidy is the only way. Hyper competition has killed the telecom industry.

Is Mahatma gandhi still relevant today? Challenges faced by the insurance industry. irda regulations good or Bad? Social Media - a waste of time or an important communications medium? government subsidy - are they good or bad? Effective orwaste of money?

Online social networking is a parallel world. Winning is not the important thing; it is the only thing. live-in relationships should be encouraged in India. Winning is all that matters, no matter how you get success. tv advertisements should be banned. Education and success Is there any correlation? Anna hazare, the new Gandhi of India? Is Facebook a time pass activity?

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How would you value the 7th Wonder of the world - tajMahal. Brand Shahrukh Khan-vs- aamir Khan. Which according to you has greater value? fdi in aviation. cwg controversy and its adverse impact on business India. Investments and disinvestments in crown jewels. Depreciation of rupee; resume boon/ bane for the economy?

issues for oral presentation

Ethics in business is plan just a fad. Direct cash transfer: an attempt to plug the leakages or vote bank politices? Prime ministerialcandidate: NarendraModi vs Rahul Gandhi? Should capital punishment be abolished or not? do you think India should allow euthanasia? Best Prime minister that India has ever had? Should Arvind Kejriwal float his own political party? Is Indian news media socially responsible?

look at our education system? fdi in Retail: boon or Bane? Indians are less quality conscious - for and against. Advertisement is a waste resources- for and against.

to implement integrated information system on erp lines or mis system in a university. Case on how to essay sell all tickets in rio olympics 2016. To provide a solution to network security. In us to manage sales product support at different time zones at least cost. Company Xs market share was eroding and you are the regional Sales Manager. The issue was what to do aboutcompetition? Problems faced by an electronic goods company with increasing competition and raw material prices. Issues relating to a consumers electronics company which needs to be cited and solved. An electronic company facing issues solutions to the problems.

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Published on Aug 05, 2016, top Topics for Oral Presentation 1) Stress 2) Feminism 3) Euthenasia 4) Foster Care 5) Yoga poses resume 6) Ocean biomes 7) Foreign Policy 8) Ethnic violence 9) Family violence 10) bioethical Issues 11) Fat Tax on food 12) All About Tsunamis 13) Extinct Animals List 14) Flower Arrangement 15) Endangered Oceans 16) Endangered Species 17) Learning Martial. 19) Black holes in Space 20) How do clouds Form? 21) How to Prevent Stress 22) Human Cloning Benefits 23) What makes a rainbow 24) How to handle a bully 25) Peer Pressure situations 26) Foreign Oil Dependence 27) Single parenting Effects 28) Disaster Preparedness Kit 29) How to Swing a golfclub 30) Internet Banking Security 31) Top Careers for the future 32) Creative photography Ideas 33) Tips. 51) Importance of Computer Education 52) Getting a passport for the first Time 53) Ozone layer and Global Warming 54) The harmful Effects of Plastic Bags 55) What is an Out Of Body Experience? 56) do it yourself Home Improvements 57) Subliminal Messages and Persuasion 58) making Money online for Beginners 59) Online Educational Computer Games 60) Why conserving Energy is Important 61) Nanotechnology: Practical Applications 62) Characteristics of a healthy relationship 63) Description of Life in Another country 64) History of a type of Music,. fdi in Insurance. develop strategies for rio olympics 2016 keeping in mind the 2012 London Olympics.

issues for oral presentation
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  2. Outcome 3 On completion of this unit the student. In this answer, i will show you 150 ideas for an oral presentation. Urgent action to deal with environmental problems from disposable batteries. The Oral Presentation requires students to give a 5-7 minute persu asive speech about an issue recently debated in the australian Media.

  3. These a re suggested Topics Only there may be more issues to consider closer. Intro to oral presentation and issues. Using Language to persua de Unit 1 Outcome 3;.

  4. Fat Tax on food. 12) All About Tsunamis. 13) Extinct Animals List. Suggested year 11/12 Oral Presentation Topics for 2017.

  5. Below are just. Very helpful, doing a school oral presentation and this website has been a major. Pleased to see all these topics. Indeed these topics are the burning issues.

  6. Here are over 20 Oral Presentation Ideas for you if you re pre senting a speech on Australian issues in the media. Should gay couples have the. There are a plethora of controversial issues in the current Austral ian media that may be perfect for your 2017 oral presentation!

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