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my sister and i essay

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patricia gibbs Scoggin, rochester, Minnesota. In the summer of 2006, i was unable to pay my college tuition—about 2,000. On the last day to pay it, i was substitute teaching. One of the office personnel came into the room and handed me a receipt. I looked at it twice before i realized what it said: Someone had paid my bill, in one of the kindest acts I could imagine. fonda bean, russellville, Alabama, one day in 2009, when the cashier subtotaled my grocery order, i realized that I didnt have enough money. I removed the items I could not afford and paid my bill.

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One night, as he was about to resume go, a friend of his who happened to be there said, let me take your boys home. Its awfully cold tonight. We were given a warm place to sleep and a bowlful of oatmeal with a delicious cinnamon bun the internship next morning by this stranger. That simple act of caring opened my eyes to the meaning of human kindness. daniel Walters, margate city, new Jersey, thanks to all of our readers who submitted stories of kindness. Here are a few more: One saturday in 1943, while i was driving in the family truck to my cello lesson, the cello bounced out of the back of the truck and was run over by a bunch of teenage boys in a station wagon. I sobbed uncontrollably while my mother told them that it hadnt been their fault. On Monday, there was a loud knock on the door. It was the six boys with a new cello. They had each given 35 to buy it for. Today, i still play that cello.

When he left, we all owned smiles. I owned a smile and a bike that I couldnt ride until Christmas day. matthew Sparks, henderson, Texas. Editors note :. Sparks is passing his prize money forward to his aunt, in further demonstration that kindness is contagious. Third Prize, sixty-five years ago, i was 5 years old and had recently arrived in Atlantic City from Baltimore with my older sister and younger brother. Our mother had traveled by train with us and then walked out of our lives, leaving us in our fathers care. My sister boarded with a family, and my brother and I spent our days and nights in a garage healthy where my father worked as a mechanic. Come the end of a day, father would leave until the next morning.

my sister and i essay

My, sister and

bob Dowell, terre haute, Indiana, second Prize, as a youth growing up in northeast Texas, this son of a twice-divorced single mother of seven and an alcoholic, stay-away dad had a life that wasnt always pine trees and sunshine. Random acts of kindness were few and far between. Little did i know that I was on great someones radar to receive an act of kindness. A bicycle had always been out of reach. One quiet night, days before Christmas, i heard a rap, rap, rap at the front door and opened it to a middle-age man looking for my mother. Calling my mothers attention, i slipped back. Silently, ions i gathered information from their whispers: This man was Santas helper, disguised as my teachers husband. He was there to surprise yours truly with a brand-new bike. Happily, my mother accepted.

When the lady working the counter brought our order, she noticed that we split. She asked what a couple of sailors were doing in Rochester. We told her and asked if we could spend the night at the bowling alley. She talked with her husband, and then they invited us home with them. They fed us and put us in their sons room. Her husband brought us to the airport in the morning. We couldnt thank them enough. Both said that if their son was in our situation, they hoped someone would do the same for him. I dont remember their names but Ill never forget their kindness.

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my sister and i essay

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Below are the submitted essays and names of the winners. Topic: The kindest Thing Anyone ever Did for Me. First Prize, in 1966, a friend and I completed navy boot camp. Our first duty was to go to new York city and board our ship. We were to fly out of Chicagos Midway airport that day, so we never received any pay for food or lodging.

The weather got bad and the airport was shut down, so our flight was routed essay to rochester, new York. We were rebooked on a 9:30. Flight the next day. We couldnt stay at the airport, so we hitchhiked into town and found a bowling alley that was open 24/7. We had only a few cents between us—enough for one hamburger and a soda.

While it is important to be young and enjoy ones life, i do not have to indulge in alcohol or premarital sex to have fun. Hence, i would change the aspect of peer influence to eliminate those people who want to sweep me into their mass wagon of careful youthfulness. Media has, without a doubt, the biggest influence in the country and even the world at large (Bester, 2007). In my socializing skills, media has always had an upper hand at shaping my decisions. For instance, i get my fashion sense from what I see on tv or read in magazines.

Some of the media examples have been good, while others are clearly a misguided thought. Media has become more detrimental with time. The content delivered to the public is unhealthy and especially so for young people. Given a power to change something, i would change media content as it is responsible for a number of youthful citizens that are wallowing in misery over bad decisions made out due to wrongful advice. While i do not regret the path that my life has taken, i feel that I would be a better person if the things that I have mentioned could be changed. It is the case for most young people in the country who have fallen victim to vicious agents of socialization. Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 Almanac Essay contest! .

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I have learnt this from church and from advice dished out by my really family members. A peer group is a big influence on many peoples lives (Hurrelmann, 2009). I have chosen my friends based on the impact they would have in my life. Most of them are of a christian background; hence, we do most leisure activities together. We also go to school writing with some of them. There are, however, some of my peers, communication with whom I would change. These are people who attempt to lead me astray, either with queer suggestions or unhealthy behavior.

my sister and i essay

They were taking me to church every sunday, together with my brother and sister. Needless to say, some of my fond childhood memories were created in church. This influence has helped me make some major decisions in life. For instance, i have stayed out of trouble many times because of my Christian beliefs. While young people are english out drinking alcohol and doing other drugs, i have managed to stay sober, even in college. I owe this to lessons I was given by my loving parents and church teachers. I keep a good company of friends that will not lead me astray.

by all members of ones family helps a person to build strong family values. My family has been a great influence on my socialization. They were my first friends and have remained the same ever since. We can talk openly without fear of judgment or reprimand. When it comes to my family, i would not change a thing. I was brought up in a family with a strict Christian background. My parents nurtured me spiritually and made sure that i knew God.

There are many agents of socialization that can influence ones choices in life and short the path a person takes. Looking at my life, i cannot help but be thankful for what I have had in the years that I have lived. I grew up in New Jersey. I have always been surrounded by a wonderful nuclear family. Living in the city has not been an easy thing, considering that it is situated next to the bigger city, new York. Thanks to all the things that my parents taught me, i was able to make it to college and not end up on the streets. Throughout my life path, there have been some agents that have influenced my socialization skills.

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my sister and i essay
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Pay someone to write my essay. One of my sister s friends, sean, happened to be the man i eventually married.

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  6. Draft Classification, essay : types of Shoppers compare this student s draft of a cause effect essay, why, i hate mathematics, to her revised version, learning to hate mathematics. Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 Almanac. Sixty-five years ago, i was 5 years old and had recently arrived in Atlantic City from Baltimore with my older sister and younger brother. Hi new by: Iren.

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